4,500 plants from the exhibition ”Oriental Gardens” presented from 19 April to 25 September 2016 at the Arab World Institute have now been planted at the Domaine de Longchamp where they are beginning a new life.

A true contemporary interpretation of Oriental gardens, this exhibition – created by landscape architect Michel Pena and François Abelanet – was designed as a journey allowing visitors to enjoy a sensorial experience and ”immerse themselves in the many facets of a thousand-year-old arts ». The highlight of the exhibition, the installation designed by François Abelanet presented a vegetal anamorphosis composed of more than 6,000 plants.

4,500 of these plants have been transported to the Domaine de Longchamp thanks to a collective initiative that is fully consistent with the values of ecology and solidarity that we are committed to transmitting at the Domain. These plants are primarily upland perennials, combined with species from our wetland and temperate regions. As such, blue fescues, lavender, santolina, euphorbias and sages are acclimatising to their new environment where they will be sending the winter, before being planted around the castle next spring by coloco landscape artists to allow future visitors to experience this exceptional sensorial journey. A journey that will also continue beyond the Domain for some of these stunning plants which will blossom in other partner gardens.

Discover them next spring! In the meantime, the GoodPlanet Foundation is taking good care of its precious guests…

Many thanks to François Abelanet, Piante Faro and the Fondation Radicepura, the IMA teams, Pablo Georgieff and coloco, all of whom made this initiative possible.

This text was translated with the support of Traducteo.