On Monday December 16, the GoodPlanet Foundation opened two new bamboo classrooms at Beudet National School (Port-au-Prince province), in Haiti.

By providing the school with an additional building measuring 120m2 , the Foundation and its partners (the town of Domont and the Communauté de Communes de l’Ouest de la Plaine de France) means that 1,685 children can now study in improved conditions and prepare for a better future.

With solid experience in building bioclimatic schools, GoodPlanet has opted to support the innovative use of bamboo: the material is natural, available, affordable, renewable and earthquake- and hurricane-resistant. It therefore represents a real alternative to concrete in this country which is so at the mercy of the weather.

The opening ceremony took place in a festive atmosphere, to the rhythm of magnificent dances and local songs from the pupils, and was attended by many NGOs.

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