The GoodPlanet Foundation and La Vie devant Soie, founded in 2004 by Sandy Blain, signed a two-year partnership to create shared products. The range « GoodPlanet Foundation », created in a limited edition in the shops of the brand, respecting people and the environment, has made come true these commitments in favour of a more responsible fashion.

For every purchase of an accessory (bag , wallet, scarf , etc.) in the range “GoodPlanet Foundation » of La Vie devant Soie, € 1 will be donated to plant one tree for the mangrove restoration project in Benin of the United Carbon Action programme.

Through its collections edited in limited series, La Vie devant Soie is one of the first fashion brands of French creation to promote social and environmental ethics. Besides allowing Cambodian women in precarious situations to gain independence while preserving the outstanding craftsmanship that is the silk weaving on traditional weaving looms, La Vie devant Soie has engaged in an ecological approach by the revaluation of flecked fabric across the country.

In the workshops in Cambodia, some designs are entrusted to couturiers, victims of anti-personnel mines, poliomyelitis or acid attacks. The brand is also promoting its third couture training for deaf and dumb people, which is essential in this country where the disabled persons have no support nor the possibility to train themselves.

To formalise the launch the « GoodPlanet Foundation » range, an event will be organised in the Altermundi shop (5 Boulevard du Temple, 75003 Paris) on Thursday, December 11 at 18:30 with the sale of the first GoodPlanet stoles, made with 100% traditional silk.

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