Jeannette Chiron, president of the Bolivia Inti Sud Soleil association, was today awarded the “Terre de Femmes” France First Prize by the Yves Rocher Foundation. Congratulations! An ecologist and dedicated humanist, this extraordinary woman works with some of the most marginalised populations of South America and Africa: since 1999, nearly 100,000 solar cookers have been distributed by her association.
A solar cooker is a cheap and simple device for thorough, risk-free cooking, which needs no watching and reaches a temperature of 150 to 200°C. All it needs is twenty minutes of sunshine to work perfectly. In other words, solar cookers free women from the drudgery of collecting wood and help keep them healthy. They protect the forests and reduce CO₂ emissions.
Bolivia Inti Sud Soleil is a longstanding partner of the GoodPlanet Foundation in Bolivia and Peru. In 2014, the 10,000th solar cooker will go into service as part of our joint collaboration.
As winner of the 2014 “Terre de Femmes” France First Prize, Jeannette Chiron is as of now a candidate for the World Prizewinner’s Prize. We invite you to support her commitment in the service of women worldwide and the environment, by voting before March 30. Find out more about our projects in Bolivia Find out more about the Prize« Terre de Femmes »