Did you know that every single French person produces an average of 390 kg of household waste per year and that only 22% is recycled or composted?

On Wednesday March 5, as part of its RSE Social and Environmental Responsibility programme, the GoodPlanet Foundation was to be found at Fouquet’s Restaurant helping the staff to get to grips with the importance of sorting and recycling waste (household products, crockery, packaging).

Through a selection of fun cartoons, the hotel-restaurant workers learned a set of eco-actions which we can all adopt to sort and cut down our waste. The fact is that there are any number of things we can do to reduce the amount of rubbish we throw away: like cutting down on paper consumption, choosing eco-refills and products in bulk to avoid waste, or just replacing plastic glasses with a cup…

The session also provided an opportunity to show the extent of waste processing circuits and the benefits of recycling. Recycling 1 tonne of food cartons, for example, produces enough material to make 16,500 egg boxes.

The event was backed by the PikPik Environnement association PikPik Environnement, which specialises in environmental education and eco-citizenship.

A number of activities took place in 2013 at Fouquet’s dealing with food waste, responsible eating and urban biodiversity. New initiatives will be undertaken in 2014. Meet up on Tuesday April 1 for a session on the subject of the circular and solidarity economy with the Eco-Actions and UpCycle® collective Eco-Actions et UpCycle® !