In Benin, let’s help the families of fishermen restore the mangrove!

Today we are launching our first crowdfunding campaign to support the second phase of one of our field projects “United Carbon Action”, in collaboration with the NGO (Eco-Bénin) Benin Ecotourism Concern .

This crowdfunding, hosted on KissKissBankBank platform aims to improve long-term the living conditions of the 4,000 people living around the lake Ahémé, in the southwest of Benin.

The overall project consists in planting a total of 224,000 mangrove trees on 46 hectares, and empowering the local community to protect this fertile environment.

As of today, more than 40 hectares of mangrove have been restored, 2,640 people have been sensitised to the importance of the mangrove in their environment, and 68 people (including 60 women) have benefited from micro-credits in order to develop IGAs (Income Generating Activities)! However, today, on a total budget of €84,050, we are lacking about a quarter, that is to say €23,719.

After reaching significant results in a year and a half, we can’t imagine stopping the project now! We need the help of the public to continue and to finalise this project. Donations will be used to create IGAs (gardening, farming, small businesses), to plant fast-growing trees to answer the local need for wood, avoiding cutting down mangrove, and to train 90 fishermen on maintenance techniques of plants.

We count on you and your generosity!

© Charlotte Bayart

Key information

• Target collection: € 23,719
• Collection open until January 13, 2015 at

Practical info

• The users can give, within the means at their disposal, from € 1 to the amount they want
• Donations from € 10 are tax deductible in France
• If the goal of € 23,719 is not reached by January 13, 2015, contributors will be automatically refunded