Each year, firewood smoke causes the death of 1,6 million of women and children (1 death every 20 seconds).
The impact on health is combined with forest clearing and other environmental impacts.

In India women spend many hours per week collecting firewood, and most of them suffer from respiratory infections.

Biogas give access to a free and renewable energy.  Just one biogas reservoir is needed to cook a meal for a 5 members’ Indian family and to avoid 7 tonnes of greenhouse emissions per year!

The project supported by the GoodPlanet Foundation aim at empowering women as they become the biogas tanks owners.
Indeed, women perform 66% of the world’s work, produce 50% of the food, but earn 10% of the income and own 1% of the property (Sources Unicef 2007).

Beneficiaries’ Testimonies

RAJAMMA « I coughed, my eyes were burning. Now there is no smoke, no cough, no health problems and medical costs. » Rajamma
SHANTAMMA « To fetch wood in the forest, it took four hours to go and come back home. I did not have time to prepare breakfast for children and send them to school. Now with biogas, I have time! » Shantamma

I donate for women in India

Many benefits for women, families and for the planet!

For the children For the women
  • No more chores of wood and they can go to school
  • They have a hot meal in the morning before leaving school
  • No more eye and lung infections
  • They own a sustainable good
For the families For the planet
  • Use a free and renewable energy
  • It improves their income and self-sufficiency
  • It improves soil quality through compost
  • It decreases deforestation and reduces greenhouse emissions

Our approach

  • Long term commitment with our local partners to maximize the projects impact
  • Use of local resources and potentials : with field integrated partners (local)
  • We closely monitor our projects with our partners

Since 2006, the GoodPlanet Foundation supported 2987 biogas tanks’ building to the benefit of nearly 15. 000 people.

Give with truth

  • Within the programme “Action Carbone Solidaire” 95% % of your donation is allocated to the project.
  • The GoodPlanet Foundation is state-approved and its accountability is granted IDEAS Label.

I donate for women in India