“World Wildlife Day” by the General Assembly of the United Nations, as a memorial of the signing on March 3 1973 of the international agreement known as CITES, which protects nearly 30,000 species of plants and animals throughout the world from illegal trafficking and poaching. GoodPlanet is taking part in this first World Day with its exhibition entitled “Wild and Precious” at the Geneva Palais des Nations, today opened by Ban Ki-Moon, United Nations Secretary General, in the presence of John Scanlon, Secretary General of CITES, and Yann Arthus-Bertrand, President of the GoodPlanet Foundation. On this World Day, Ban Ki-Moon “urges all sectors of society to end illegal wildlife trafficking and commit to trading and using wild plants and animals sustainably and equitably”. Yann Arthus-Bertrand, expressed his hope that “the beauty of the photographs in the “Wild and Precious” exhibitions will touch your hearts and create in you the desire to protect the wild world”. > Find out about the preparations for the “Wild and Precious” exhibition at the Palais des Nations, on video. > Find out about the book “Sauvages, précieux, menacés” > Find out more about the Wild and Precious campaign >