This year for Christmas, you can make the choice to offer a gift that join charity and the fight against climate change. A gift that will please your loved ones and help one family in the other side of the world while protecting the planet.

This gift will help building a biogas tank that will provide free and renewable energy for vulnerable families in India.

One biogas tank is sufficient to cook meals for 5 Indian family members! The benefits for families and the environment are multiple, for example, it reduces the emissions of 7 tons of CO2 per year!

Beneficiaries’ Testimonies

RAJAMMA « I coughed, my eyes were burning. Now there is no smoke, no cough, no health problems and medical costs. » Rajamma
SHANTAMMA « To fetch wood in the forest, it took four hours to go and come back home. I did not have time to prepare breakfast for children and send them to school. Now with biogas, I have time! » Shantamma

I offer a charity gift

Many benefits for families and the planet!

For the children For the women
  • No more chores of wood and they can go to school
  • They have a hot meal in the morning before leaving school
  • No more eye and lung infections
  • They own a sustainable good
For the families For the planet
  • Use a free and renewable energy
  • It improves their income and self-sufficiency
  • It improves soil quality through compost
  • It decreases deforestation and reduces greenhouse emissions

Our approach

  • Long term commitment with our local partners to maximize the projects impact
  • Use of local resources and potentials : with field integrated partners (local)
  • We closely monitor our projects with our partners

Since 2006, the GoodPlanet Foundation supported 2987 biogas tanks’ building to the benefit of nearly 15. 000 people.

Give with truth

  • Within the programme “Action Carbone Solidaire” 95% % of your donation is allocated to the project.
  • The GoodPlanet Foundation is state-approved and its accountability is granted IDEAS Label.

I offer a charity gift