The ‘7 billion Others’ exhibition is on the road again! After being hosted in 15 cities in the world and visited by 5 million people in 5 years, the exhibition will soon be presented for the first time in Portugal, at the Electricity museum in Lisbon, from November 8, 2014 to February 8, 2015.

A premiere in Portugal

On the riverside, in the heart of a touristic area of the capital, Belém, the Electricity Museum is a unique building, authentic architectural landmark of the city with a facade of rare beauty. Today, it is an absolute must on any cultural tour of Lisbon. It is in this eclectic space, that the ‘7 billion Others’ will share their energies with the visitors, the voices, the eyes, the faces and the confidences of all who participated in this project. A powerful message of tolerance and peace.

« Portugueses » : a film about the Portuguese identity nowadays

In addition to the ‘Mosaic’ and ‘Messages’ traditional video installations that compose the project, a specific film has been made for the occasion: ‘Portugueses’. In a delicate moment in the history of the country, where the economic crisis has led to rethinking values and lifestyles, this film addresses a current and local issue: what it is to be Portuguese today.

How do the Portugueses see themselves, and how do the Others see them? What does it mean to be Portuguese in Europe and in the world? All testimonies collected are part of a model 100% made in Portugal. This film, made in co-production with GoodPlanet Foundation and Projeto Memória, follows the same filming and performing protocal as ‘7 billion Others’.

More than an exhibition: a social, educative action and a gesture of solidarity

As for the previous editions, it is important for a ‘7 billion Others’ exhibition to offer a programme of activities defined together with the welcoming place and the local associations. In Lisbon, the range of activities proposed is wide and adressed to everyone, adults and children.

The discussions will be enriched with meetings with different speakers: local associations, NGOs, writers, journalists, sociologists, actors, singers, humorists, travellers, etc. who will come and present their experiences and exchange with the visitors. Inside the exhibition, spaces will be specially dedicated to meetings and dialogue.

A special attention will also be given to pupils: the team of the museum will accompany the school groups through the exhibition, so that they can make the most of their visit.

Finally, permanent studios of question-and-answer will be integrated to the exhibition, so that each and everyone can move to the other side of the camera, be himself interviewed, and become part of the ‘7 billion Others’ community.

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