Who we are?

Our values

GoodPlanet is an apolitical, non-religious and independent Foundation.

The Heart of Voh in 1990, New Caledonia, France (20°56’S – 164°39’E). © Yann Arthus-Bertrand / Altitude Paris

Committed to respecting the environment and its inhabitants through its two main areas of activity: raising awareness and taking action on the ground, the GoodPlanet Foundation refrains from any form of moralising, finger-pointing and proselytising. Its messages rely on facts that it dispenses in a completely neutral way. It leaves each individual to reach his or her own opinion and then to act in an informed manner.

Our internal initiatives

The GoodPlanet Foundation operates its own sustainable development initiatives internally:

  • Producing a carbon balance sheet every year and offsetting the CO2 emissions generated by its activities (travel, energy, procurement, printing, etc.);
  • Premises to HQE standards;
  • Sorting waste: 4 bins including one dedicated to composting;
  • Use of ecological cleaning products (European ecolabel);
  • Where possible, employees travelling in electric vehicles (scooter, electric car, hybrid car) and an electric shuttle bus for partners;
  • Option of working from home one day per month;
  • Meals use local, organic and seasonable ingredients as much as possible;
  • Double-sided printing on paper from sustainably managed forests (FSC);
  • Printing of our awareness-raising materials (books, postcards, calendar, etc.) on certified paper.