Who we are?

Fondation GoodPlanet - Domaine de Longchamp

Le Domaine de Longchamp © Yann Arthus-Bertrand / Altitude

A unique site in Paris dedicated to ecology and humanism

The Fondation GoodPlanet – Domaine de Longchamp becomes a reality. This site dedicated to ecology and humanism for all is the embodiment of one of my most cherished dreams. And this dream could not have come true without the proactive commitment of a handful of people and without the imagination to come up with original solutions to build it together. With the agreement of the Paris City Council, a recognised public interest foundation is joining forces with a commercial enterprise to undertake an unprecedented project over a 30-year period.

We are delighted to be working with the Noctis Group, which is committed to the fundamental values of the Foundation applied to the Domain, in order to develop its offer based on a model that is more respectful of resources and people. The path may be fraught with pitfalls; our mutual awareness of this further strengthens our decision to undertake this journey together and to take on the challenge with solutions that, whether innovative or common sense, are always for the common good.

The diverse, extensive and enriching programme for all on weekdays and weekends will rely on the support of partners and the energy and commitment of volunteers. The commercial activities on weekdays will allow us to provide a free welcome to all audiences as far as possible on weekends.

Our minds are bursting with thousands of ideas to open our hearts to Others and forge ties: a sustainable food pavilion with Alain Ducasse, a permaculture vegetable garden, urban biodiversity discovery trails, concerts, films and debates, to name just a few. At weekends, we give the floor to dedicated associations and artists to present their work on women, non-discrimination, climate, a better distribution of wealth, refugees, access to education and other humanist issues. We are starting off in August with a month of solidarity for disadvantaged children.

The Fondation GoodPlanet – Domaine de Longchamp is an exploratory melting pot, a place of discussion and action to reinvent our relation to nature and our relations between human beings. It will be a domain open to all, where we give those – in all their diversity – working for a more cohesive society the chance to speak.

Good intentions from all backgrounds – individuals, associations, local authorities, businesses – will always be welcome at the Fondation GoodPlanet – Domaine de Longchamp along with their ideas and suggestions; they are essential in the quest to turn utopia into a reality together. I would like to thank all of those already involved who provide their support.

Let us not forget that the Fondation GoodPlanet – Domaine de Longchamp is a gamble, but it is a gamble on the future that I couldn’t not take. Indeed, like our partners and sponsors, we need to dare to go beyond certain fears in order to open up new avenues towards a more sustainable and cohesive society. That is my personal commitment and the mission of the GoodPlanet Foundation.

It would be my great pleasure to welcome you with open arms as of spring 2017.

Yann Arthus-Bertrand
Chairman of the GoodPlanet Foundation