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Screening of  “La Vallée des loups” by  Jean-Michel Bertrand

On Tuesday, the 7th of January, the GoodPlanet Foundation and Yann Arthus-Bertrand are happy to invite you to the screening of “La Vallée des loups” by Jean-Michel Bertrand at 8:00 pm at the Mac Mahon movie theater in Paris.


There are still secret territories in France today. This film is a personal quest, the story of a crazy gamble attempted by a dreams enthusiast, an anti hero capable of breaking all the barriers to reach his son, but: encountering wild wolves in their natural environment. After three years spent on the field bivouacking in the middle of nature by any other time, the director manages to climb the track of the wolves. Little by little, he watches, gets closer and ends up getting accepted by the pack. Against all expectations the magnificent predators while they are not intimidated to this funny character. But the film also raises the question of the limits of this intimacy.