Islet in the Sulu archipelago, Philippines (7°58’ N – 118°40’ E) © Yann Arthus-Bertrand

Let’s tackle global warming

Air France has committed itself to taking up the challenge of climate change with its support for the European Union emissions trading scheme (an idea enshrined in the Kyoto Protocol), fleet renewal, optimising procedures and use of air space...

The Company is currently seeking to offer its customers the possibility to engage against global warming, should they so desire. Following the roll-out of the CO2 emissions calculator used to evaluate the climatic impact of a flight, Air France has now gone a step further.

In partnership with the GoodPlanet Foundation, Air France allows you to minimize your environmental impact by financing energy conservation or renewable energy projects in emerging countries by contributing to the voluntary offset of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) generated by your journey.

What exactly means offsetting?

Offsetting carbon emissions means balancing the atmospheric greenhouse gas emissions generated by your activities with an equivalent amount. To protect our planet, highest priority is to reduce GHG emissions generated by adopting economical and responsible lifestyles. Voluntary offsetting provides a response to so-called "irreducible" emissions.